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Experience the Difference of a Specialty Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses can improve your vision and make you feel fabulous. Contact lenses give you freedom from eyeglasses and provide you with superior peripheral vision. At Dr. Kenneth O'Daniel & Assoc., our mission is simple...make sure you are wearing the lenses that will be the most comfortable, surpass all your visual demands, and maintain excellent eye health.

Are you satisfied with your current contact lenses?  Did you know there are literally hundreds of variables to consider when finding which contact lens design, power and size will be best for you?   The experts at Dr. Kenneth O'Daniel & Assoc. will find the best fit for your eyes and lifestyle.

To Schedule your appointment for improved vision through contact lenses, please call (480) 945-3937. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to see the world more clearly and comfortably.  Located inside the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall LensCrafters, Scottsdale Az.

A basic overview of the services we offer are:

  1. Contact Lens Fitting For a New Lens Wearer:
    We will analyze your prescription and examine your corneal health, corneal topography, tear quality, and lid structure. After discussing your expectations with contact lenses, we will suggest the best lenses and care system for you.  Our doctors specialize in fitting difficult prescriptions which require Astigmatism (Toric) lenses, Mutifocal, and Mono-VIsion lenses.

    In many cases, you can leave with lenses the first time you come in.  You will confidently learn to put them on and take them off. Not to worry, this is actually very easy when you are taught how to do it properly, and we will make certain that you are comfortable with the process.

  1. Re-Fitting Existing Lens Wearers:
    If you are currently wearing lenses and are looking for an improvement, we can help. Many lens wearers suffer unnecessarily because they are not in the best lens system for them. Whether you are seeking better comfort, improved vision, or the latest in technology, our doctors are willing to help.

  1. Gas Permeable Lenses:
    Fitting Gas permeable lenses is really an art form, not just a science. GP lenses, often mis-referred to as hard contact lenses, will provide the best vision, health, and are the most cost effective way of wearing lenses. In many contact lens practices fitting gas permeable lenses has become a lost art since doctors rarely fit them.  You will be in good hands with our doctors since we specialize in MultiFocal, Toric (Astigmatism), and Keratoconus Gas Permeable Lenses..

  1. Handling Instruction:
    For new lens wearers, learning to put on and remove contact lenses can seem a bit daunting. We are extremely patient and willing to help anybody learn to put on lenses. Did you know some lenses are easier to put on than others? Leave it to us to get you beyond the learning curve and become a satisfied lens wearer.

  1. Clean and Polish Gas Permeable Lenses:
    For gas permeable lens wearers, your lenses will tend to get small scratches and divots from regular handling.  Dr. Kenneth O’Daniel will personally polish and buff your lenses, making them fresh and healthy again (24 hr turn around - appointment required).

Now accepting most Vision Plans

Drs. O’Daniel & Cerni are proud to accept most Vision and Medical insurance plans to provide our patients with vision care at reasonable fees.

Accepting: BCBS, EyeMed, Avesis, Spectera, Medicare, Aetna, Gilsbar, TriCare & More